Membership FAQ

How can I become a member of the Frimley Green Club

New members are welcome at the Frimley Green Club. To become a member you must complete an application form. An online form can be found at Membership – Frimley Green Club. You will need to be recommended by two members. (A proposer and a seconder). A subscription fee of £35.00 is payable. Membership is subject to approval and will take 2 to 3 weeks to process. If the application is unsuccessful the membership fees will be returned. A CIU Associate card can be purchased at £4.00 and a CIU year card at £4.00 with the membership application or at any time later. Please complete the “contact us” form for further help or any other information.

If you have just moved into an area and wish to join please contact us to discuss the options about joining.

Once a member, you are then able to take advantage of all the offers, benefits and entertainment available.

Is the Frimley Green Club CIU affiliated

Yes, the Frimley Green is CIU affiliated.
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